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The Governors Club

The Governors Club is a non-profit organization made up of supporters and graduates of Johnson High School. This support group was founded and incorporated in February of 1987, and was created for the purpose of promoting and preserving the long tradition of excellence in academic and athletic achievements at Johnson High School.

It is our mission to assist JHS in every way possible to keep our alma mater in the forefront as an educational and athletic leader. Many of our initiatives consist of direct and indirect involvement with planning, serving on committees, sharing expertise, and providing financing for projects that would not occur without such support.

There have already been many accomplishments since the organization was founded. The first big project was to purchase and install trophy cases and bulletin boards to display trophies, plaques, and ribbons received from both academics and athletic participation and success. Some of the cases are used for displaying current student exhibits, memorabilia, and announcements. These symbols of achievement continue to remind current students and visitors that Johnson has strong pride and tradition, and that alumni and friends still care about their school.

As the Club grows, we are providing funding for materials and equipment needed in the classroom and on the athletic field that would not otherwise exist.

The majority of our funding comes from membership fees, and fundraisers such as the Annual "Celebrity" Pancake Breakfast. We offer an annual membership to the Club for a minimum of $20.00 per year. Members receive quarterly issues of the “Pride” (combined school/alumni newsletter) informing them of events, activities, projects, and other information.

In closing, our members and volunteers have, and will continue to make a difference. We are one of only a very few Minnesota public high schools to have an alumni organization. We thank you for your time and interest, and look forward to your support in becoming a proud member of the Johnson High School Governors' Club. 

Janis Quinlan
Class of ‘82
Governors Club email:
JHS Governors Club Facebook Page