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Governors Club Membership

Governors Club Membership


Greetings Johnson Senior High Alumni, Friends and Neighbors!

Have you given any thought to becoming involved in Johnson High School or the Eastside since you've graduated? Or do you know someone who graduated from JHS? Are you interested in local school sports teams? Do you live in the area and/or just want to make a difference in the community and the lives of many children? It is possible to do it all through the Johnson High School Alumni Club (a.k.a. the Governors Club)!

Some of the wonderful contributions that the club has made to the school and the community include: being apart of grounds, archive/ memorabilia upkeep; providing funds for classroom activities, extra and co curricular activities, building projects and requested classroom supplies (including calculators and books); and an annual pancake breakfast honoring different institutions and activities connected with Johnson High. If you would like to see a part of the club's contributions up close, check out the new school store near the Gymnasium next time you get the opportunity to visit the school!

I believe that it would be truly wonderful to see more graduates, friends and neighbors become involved in the continuing success of JHS. There are many ways to do so including: becoming a member for as little as $20/ year (funds go towards contributions listed above), attending the Annual Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction, including Johnson in your will or trust and/or as simple as volunteering with the Governors Club. If you are already a member or contributor- THANK YOU- YOUR SUPPORT IS TRULY RECOGNIZED!

Please send your request including information on your graduation date and/or connection to Johnson High School, a brief statement regarding your interest in the Governors Club and your $20 membership fee (minimum) to the following address (form to download below):

Governors Club
P.O. Box 6533
St. Paul, MN 55106

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about the Governors Club, please let me know at: ​

Janis Quinlan
Johnson Alumni Club

Governor's Club Membership Form .doc

Governor's Club Membership Form .pdf