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10th Grade Language Arts

10th Grade Language Arts Course Outline

Reading Selections:

  • Nonfiction,short stories, and poetry
  • At least one class novel, such as Othello, Breathing Underwater, Kindred, Montana 1948
  • Several independent choice novels
  • Supplemental texts, such as additional poems, stories and articles related to class studies
  • Researchmaterials for debate

Writing Assignments:

  • PersonalNarrative using sensory details, an element of conflict or tension, dialogue, and reflection
  • Position Paper demonstrating arguments in response to literature
  • Researched Debate to introduce a topic, organize ideas, and take a stand

Other Assignments:

  • Masteryof reading strategies, such as making inferences, author’s purpose, finding the main idea, questioning strategies, paraphrasing and annotation, fact andopinion
  • Analysis of complex characters, style, setting, etc.
  • Various types of creative writing
  • Frequent journaling
  • Vocabulary development through context clues, word parts, and reference materials
  • Frequent discussions

Types of assessments:

  • Multiplechoice reading comprehension quizzes
  • Vocabulary assessments
  • In-class timed writings