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College Writing and Critical Reading: CIS

College Writing & Critical Reading: CIS

Course Number(s): L495501
Length: 1 Semester (2 Credits)
Prerequisits: Top 20% of Class; teacher recommendation
Grade: 12

In this college introductory writing course, students prepare for the wide variety of writing they will be expected to produce in college classes. Students focus on the writing process: brainstorming, organizing, drafting, revising, peer editing, proofreading and publishing. The possibilities of the journal as part of the writing process are explored. Students have conferences with their writing groups and individually with the teacher. Critical reading of a wide variety of texts is an important component of the class. Students develop and complete five major writing assignments: the personal essay, ethnography, persuasive, problem/solution and review/critique papers. Students also complete several minor writing assignments.

College in the Schools - Freshman Composition is a college course taught in high school; it is not a high school class. Students have more freedom than in other courses taught in high school – but they also have more responsibility for their own progress and work in this course. Upon successful completion of this course, students receive four semester credits from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.