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Science Course Offerings

Science Course Offerings and Sequence

Twelve credits of science are required. Four physical science credits and four biology credits are required. Sophomores and juniors must take a minimum of four credits per year, of which four credits must be in chemistry or physics.

Johnson High School Science Course Sequence
All Science courses are year-long courses unless otherwise noted with a #
Classes with an * have a prerequisite of C or better in Biology/Acceleratd Biology/SPC Biology

Regular Science Pathway
9th Grade

Integrated Science

10th Grade


11th – 12th Grade

Chemistry or Physics

Advanced Science Pathway
9th Grade

Integrated Science

10th Grade

Accelerated Biology (Required), you may also take Accelerated Chemistry at the same time

11th – 12th Grade

SPC Biology, or Accelerated Chemistry (if not taken in 10th grade) or CIS Physics - a Chemistry or Physics class is required for Graduation

Elective Courses that can be taken 11th – 12th Grade: (Classes with an # can be taken in 10th Grade)

CIS Anatomy and Physiology (Honors)*
Environmental Science#
Forensics (CIS) #
Biomedical Science (PLTW)#
Principles of Engineering (PLTW)#