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Hints for Learning a Second Language

We want you to learn your modern language as efficiently and as thorougly as possible.Learning a second language is not difficult. It is easy if you go about it the right way. But you must be willing to do some steady work for a few minutes each day.  We are offering the following study hints to help you to make this easy work and fun.

A language is a set o habits.  Our own language is a set of habits which we acquired and mastered about the age of five or six. We had to listen to other people ever since our birth and in order to communicate we copied or imitated what the people around us said.

  1. You must Learn to Listen and Imitate.  We are no better than children at this stage of the game. In fact,  it's worse, since our language habits keep getting on the way.
  2. You must Memorize.  To learn this set of new habits you must practice and practice until this new set of habits become automatic responses.
  3. Study Out Loud.   You double your efficiency when you add auditory memory to visual memory.  You quadruple your efficiency when you add motor memory. Your friends will think you crazy when they see you mumbling to yourself but don't pay attention to them. 
  4. Divide your Materials into Small Units for Memorization.  Then, string them together.  Divide your study time into small units of fifteen minutes. Do some other work.  Then go back to another fifteen minutes of work. Do your modern language study just before you go to bed.  When you are dressing in the morning try to remember and to repeat what you learned the night before.
  5. Make Full Use of Your Class Hour. Students are classiffied as dumb or smart in a language class by the way they use their class time.  The dumb ones sit back and dream, the smarties pack 84 minutes of practice time into each class hour.

Practical experiences:

  1. Listen to song lyrics.  It helps a lot,  believe it!!!
  2. Write letters.  If you have a penpal, you will notice your advancement right away.
  3. Read books and magazines.  Even if you don't know many words...(Do texts translations)
  4. Listen to radio and television programs in your target language.
  5. TRAVEL,  that is the most effective way,  mainly if you have the chance of staying in the COUNTRY...