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School Safety

Johnson High School has implemented additional safety measures in the building.  

Secured Entrance (Main Doors)

After 10:15 AM the main entrance to the building will be locked. Students, parents, delivery drivers, and other visitors to the building will be required to request entry into the building. When arriving to the building and the main entrance doors (the far-right door outside), you will find a black box-intercom system (on the left-hand side of the entry door). Please press the white button labeled “MAIN OFFICE”, you will receive a verbal response from a staff member in the main office and then you will be able to open the door. Once you are inside the main vestibule, please enter through the main office doors (furthest left door) and check in at the front desk).  

All parents and visitors will be required to sign in upon entering the building and take a name badge and sign out upon leaving the building. If you have any questions a main office or school support staff member can assist you.  

Security Alarms

Alarms have been installed at several doors (on the east and west sides of the building Doors 7-Fieldhouse, Door 18, Door 21, and Door 25) in the building this week as well. These alarms will change how students and staff enter and exit the building. Please note that none of the newly installed alarms will prevent students from leaving the building during an emergency. 

Beginning Monday all students and staff arriving to school at the back of the building in the morning will need to use Door 15. Door 15 will now serve as the entrance from the back of the building. This will also require students and staff to exit through Door 15 at the end of the school day.  

Next Steps

We have been making announcements to students to remind them about the new security. With new security alarms on the doors, it will be important that students understand that opening these doors is no longer an option and opening them engages the security alarms and alerts administration and the Safety and Security Team. We have been sharing with students the consequences for opening the security doors, including meeting with their assistant principal, a parent student meeting, dismissal/suspension for repeated offenses. 

If there are any questions, please feel free to see someone from the administrative team.